The pursuit of mutuality is a human obsession. Many of us look to find meaning with others, especially when it comes to being in love and building relationship. In spite of our differences we want connection. It’s like a dance.

What is dance? Dancing is engagement…communication… discovery… And so is relationship.

Just when we think we’ve found the one and begin the dance, we encounter gaps – interruptions in our sense of continuity, unexplainable spaces. The gaps can be of perspective and mutuality…disparity and despair…desire and need…preference and circumstance…trust and fear. In spite of these gaps, we keep dancing. Why? Love? Lust? Need? Denial? Loneliness? Intrigue?

What do we do with these gaps? Seek to fill them? Ignore them? Go around them? Or take them head on? Will we ever be at the same place, at the same time?

In Dancing In The Gap: Poetic Narratives, Christopher Earl shares his journey of what it means to be in relationship – gaps and all. Although the book is in poetic form, it is not a traditional book of poetry. These narratives are mini-stories of the joys and struggles of what it takes to truly dance with another.