The Book

Dancing In The Gap: Poetic Narratives has eight, inter-connected movements within the relationship dance that touch on a range of feelings. Each represents some aspect of what being in relationship is all about:

Christopher Earl

Dance has always fascinated me. Whether there is fluidity or clumsiness, there is always movement. Sometimes I can close my eyes and lean in to the embrace, and at others I just want to be done because it’s not working out. So goes relationship.

As a romantic, I refuse to give up on love. This book is inspired by the relationship joys and upsets I’ve experienced over a lifetime of looking for the right dance partner. In these poems I offer personal insights and intimate feelings that are narratives on that search. Enjoy this walk through my life. I hope it touches you in ways that have you look at the dances and gaps in your life.

I know that there’s more I have yet to say. So stay tuned for another volume at some point in the not-too-distant future.