What People Are Saying

Here are reactions from readers ranging in age from early-40’s to mid-60’s.

"What a beautiful book."
"I experienced tears, fear, laughter, support, and sense making for my relationship(s) journey. It reminded me… that I am wonderfully human, with a range of emotions, memories, and experiences… that I am capable and deserving of love… that I have loved and have been loved in the most exciting ways… and that the best is yet to come!"
"This took me back to a time in my life when I was unafraid...when I believed that being connected was enough... and to remember that believing is still enough, if I am just willing to DANCE, laugh and smile."
"A journey of intense familiarity. It pushed a lot of my buttons. Earl made me feel like he was having a conversation with me about things we have in common. Other times it took me to a place that felt raw and intense."
"Refreshing in its utter directness and brutal honesty."
"Each time I would start to read one of the poems, I would immediately slip into the arms or angst of the person it brought to mind… What a safe place to be in conversation with my heart."
"Some of the experience was a bit painful; some of the experience was a bit wistful; but mostly it felt like a dialogue with Christopher Earl on journeys through life."
"I especially enjoyed the prologue. It made me feel better as a self-described late bloomer and hopeless romantic."
"It is a book of searing intelligence, utter courage and warm humor."
"Like eating a box of fine chocolate."
"It let me fit my voice over an experience to find my own truth."
"What a privilege it would be to be loved by such a complex person."
"Each time I picked the book up to read I wanted to be somewhere else where time and expectations ceased to be an issue."
"A bittersweet ride that took me through the many chambers of my own heart."
"Vulnerable expression that peeled away my layers of forgotten joy, pain, hopes, desires. I went to some places that I hadn't visited in years. Sometimes it felt good, sometimes scary, sometimes sad, sometimes downright hilarious!"
"A provocative cuddle, comforting in some sense, but at the same time exciting and challenging."
"Optimistic, primal, intimate, familiar."
"Amazing that someone can express and feel such intense passion and emotional depth."
"This is for people who have managed to forget the wonder of believing in relationships."
"It makes me want to explore more deeply my relationship to relationship."
"Refreshing to hear a man express his feelings in such an approachable way."
"Earl clearly understands human nature... and speaks to the intimacy of relationships."